Semi Private Group Training.
If you wish for a taster session this option would be perfect for you. The group will still have sole access to the institute with no other clients present. The session will be focused around the group.

Private Group Training.
If you want a more personal approach and still wish to train in a group, this option could be for you. Train in a group of up to 4 people of your choosing. The session will be then tailored around what you all want to achieve. We will discuss this during consultation and agree on a goal for the whole group. You will still receive individual goals, however this option is group focused.

Personal Training.
A complete holistic review of your lifestyle. During the first consultation we will discuss your goals and what you wish to achieve. A personalised nutrition plan that will run alongside your training will be provided. Sessions will be suited for you and you only. You will have exclusivity as there will never be anyone in the Primal Fitness Institute whilst you are training with one of our trainers.

Strikepads Boxing Training.
We are fully accredited Strikepads Boxing Trainers. Whether you are an amateur or have experience, this will be perfect for anyone who wishes to work up a sweat whilst hitting things! This can also be included in your personal training.

Sample Meal Plan.
We have a sample meal plan that we can provide. Although if you decide to use our Personal Training option, a tailored meal plan will be included.

Recipe Book.
We have our own recipe book that is incredibly popular. It is available for purchasing at the institute. They are tailored for the Primal way of life, very easy to prepare and very tasty! We have not had any complaints yet.

Our wide range of supplements are available on our website. We offer dietary advice which can be enhanced by supplements. We will not sell you anything and everything, and will only offer you products that we feel will work in unison with your training. Our supplements are carefully selected and will have as less of the bad stuff in as possible!

Training Cancellation.
Clients are asked to call 24 hours in advance of the scheduled training session. You will be charged for appointments cancelled with fewer than 24 hours’ notice. Failure to contact your trainer will result in a session loss.

Block bookings are non-refundable however in certain circumstances this can be arranged. You will need to speak to the head trainer